Monday, June 24, 2019

Gwynn book

One of the things I donated to the NLR Friends of Animals Auction was a custom folded book.  This was a book I would fold from a photo of the customer's choice.  A sweet woman wanted to have a book folded of a photo of her sweet rescue dog named Gracie who had recently crossed the rainbow bridge.  Here is the photo she gave me.

here is the cover of the book.  I found some awesome "rainbow bridge" dog memorial papers on Etsy at Vizual Storm.  

There is some burlap ribbon running down the spine.

Here is the actual folding.

And here is the inside of the book cover using more of the paper from Vizual Storm.

The book I used happen to a crossword puzzle dictionary.  I went through the book and chose 7 different words to describe a dog.  I found "Faithful", "Friend", "Gentle", "Love", etc.  and highlighted each word in order of the rainbow colors.  I let the customer know she could thumb through the book and find the words.  She seemed to love it.


Daffodil Cards said...

An amazing project, with wonderful quotes, papers and that incredible book folding.
Faith x

Niki said...

What a beautiful project!

Lori m said...

Outstanding...fantastic book, hugs, Lori m